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cordova development

Apache Cordova  is a popular mobile application development framework originally created by Nitobi. Adobe Systemspurchased Nitobi in 2011, rebranded it as PhoneGap, and later released an open source version of the software called Apache Cordova development.

Apache Cordova enables software programmers to build applications for mobile devices using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, instead of relying on platform-specific APIs like those in Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. It enables wrapping up of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code depending upon the platform of the device. It extends the features of HTML and JavaScript to work with the device.

The resulting applications are hybrid, meaning that they are neither truly native mobile application (because all layout rendering is done via Web views instead of the platform’s native UI framework) nor purely Web-based (because they are not just Web apps, but are packaged as apps for distribution and have access to native device APIs).

It can save a lot of time and money for building prototypes or MVP’s. This solution can also make a lot of sense if your business is on a tight budget and the functionality requirements are not extremely advanced.

Why Use Cordova?

  • It is great for rapid prototyping
  • Saves time and money in development
  • Manage apps in different platforms with a single code base
  • Does most of the things a native app can do with some exceptions


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