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Banner is a graphical web-marketing unit. Graphics Design is the major source of Internet-based marketing and provides an international platform for placing your service or product information to the public. This graphics design component is somewhat like advertisements in a printed publication of any newspaper or magazine. But, banner ads have the ability to turn a simple visitor into a prospective customer by redirecting them to a website of the advertiser.


A web design template is a template which is in most cases used to show some Web Designinginformation on the Internet. A web design template is a catch-all name for various kinds of templates like:

  • HTML templates – the templates that are represented with HTML code only
  • Flash templates – web design templates generated with Flash
  • PSD templates – templates which comprise only graphics and .psd files with no code
  • Flash intro templates – templates of an introduction clip, developed with Flash only, utilized to represent a project or/and a company.

The list above comprises the most important categories of templates related to web design templates (Graphics Design).

Logo Design

A creatively designed logo is the heart and soul of the marketing of your company. Your company logo design builds perception, customer loyalty, and awareness. Your logo design must create a powerful first impression as well as a timeless one. That is where the logo designers at Y Innovators comes in. we can make any targeted goal, with an innovative style.

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